St. John's College of Management, Bangalore!

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St. John's college of Management is situated in Bangalore - the beautiful "Garden City" of India.

 The college offers two programs of study - a three year Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management (B.H.M) and a three years Bachelor's Degree in Business Management (B.B.M). It is recognised by the Government of Karnataka and is affiliated to Bangalore University, Bangalore.

Faculty of Hotel Management

The college offers a three year Degree course in Hotel Management (B.H.M) and aims to provide professional training in hospitality management, to meet the needs of the Indian and international hospitality industry.

A Career in Hotel Management

As the Indian and international lifestyles change, the demand for a wide range of hospitality services increases.The hospitality industry is exciting and is the largest, fastest growing industry in the world.

There is no limit to where your talents and ambitions can take you in the dynamic, exciting hospitality profession!

Faculty of Business Management

The college offers a three year Degree course in Business Management (B.B.M) and aims to provide career opportunities within the government and private sectors, both domestically and internationally.

A Career in Business Management

Business management covers many fields in which a constant flow of information is required to control and measure the effectiveness of operations.
Experts in management information system play an important part in commerce and management today.
Career opportunities are in areas of small business, marketing, management, human resource management, public policy, international trade, management information systems, international business and macroeconomics or tourism.


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